The VAMPIRE’S WITCH SAGA was inspired by actual events and their resulting, recurring nightmares.

Fresh on the heels of a breakup and college graduation, twenty-one year old Skyla Jane Judge feels an inexplicable urge to accompany an attractive stranger on a road trip from New York to New Orleans. Longing for change, she uncovers a “den” beneath the haunted cobblestone streets of the French Quarter and, in the company of vampires, begins to discover her true self.

The saga follows Skyla as she embarks on this journey to self-awareness that ultimately uncovers a secret ceremonial path to love and eternal enlightenment. What she finds opens the door to a fate that exceeds her wildest imaginings but, very literally, leaves her heart and soul at stake.

Reader Reviews

"I was transported into the life of the main character. I wondered what it would be like to have her fears and yet not be afraid to move into the the mystery awaiting her. It's totally captivating."

"Love, Love, Love this series..The characters are so interesting. Keep up the great work! Waiting anxiously for your next book!"