From the moment I started reading this book I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to read all the books in this vampire witch saga series!”

”Loved this book, I've read a lot of vampire books and this is now one of my favorites! I recommend this to anyone who is into vampires."

“I seriously loved this book and continued to read all 3 within a week!!! I'm only disappointed the fourth book isn't available yet. I will definitely be keeping my eye out for anything by this author, she definitely has a gift!  As far as info about the book I don't want to do that as I hate reading too much detail about a book or film before I get the chance to read/view it. I will say J Abrahams does an amazing job transporting you into the scene with her vivid descriptions to ignite all your senses."

 "The Den, by Jennifer Abrahams was such a good read, I read through the eBook 'cover' to 'cover' as soon as I started reading it. I was so engaged in the story I missed my stop on the train. This is not the kind of book that caused my eyes to glaze over re-reading the same paragraph again and again. The interesting story plot kept my eyes moving across the page wondering what will happen next. The text has a nice flow to it which is great; I can't read a book that has a clunky feel to it. I'm so glad this is a saga, because I'm ready to read the second book in the series. My only problem is this saga may be the next break out hit in this genre and I would love a hard copy signed by the author. This was an entertaining read. I'm glad I read it."

 "This series is awesome!! Once I started reading, I couldn't put the book down. The richness and depth of the characters drive the story. They get into your mind and under your skin, and you get lost in the plot as it unfolds. This thrilling plot involves romance, love and suspense and magic. 'In the blood' continues to transport you to another world - one so richly created in 'The Den' - and it does not disappoint! It's exciting to come across a trilogy like this. Definitely a page turner. I loved the first book, and can't wait to read the third. I'm still thinking about the characters even after I've finished the book!"

 "I am loving this series!. After reading Book #1 The Den, I was put under J.Abrahams spell. The series is provocative, erotic, and thrilling. In The Blood is a MUST read...the perfect continuation to Book #1."

 "As a lover of science fiction, and vampire fiction in particular, I have noticed that each author has their own ideas about how vampires come into being, which I love..It shows how great the author's imagination is. I got attached to the characters. That's what I love about series. One book is never enough when the characters are personable. Looking forward to Jennifer's next book!"

"Truly enjoyed the entire trilogy and am anxiously awaiting the 4th book in the series. She's developed a set of characters that peak your curiosity and having you hanging on to find out more. The mesh of real life story and fantasy world is interestingly woven. Love the thought that there are so many different places that she can go with these stories including past lives of the characters...I can't wait to see where she takes them all"

"Spellbinding. Hope J Abrahams does a 4th book. She doesn't disappoint. This is a literary work of art. A stimulation of the imaginary senses."

"Love, Love, Love this series..The characters are so interesting. Keep up the great work! Waiting anxiously for your next book!"

"The Vampires Witch Saga is amazing! I love love it! I couldn't put it down and very good series to read!"