THE SEVENTH DAY was inspired by actual events and their resulting, recurring nightmares.

“Skyla could not—would not—believe that she was meant to lead a mystical life. The plane was taking off and leaving the imaginary world behind.” But the magical world had never been interested in leaving Skyla Jane Judge alone and would not start now.

Bound for her home in New England, 21-year-old Skyla Jane Judge is leaving behind the “den” where she found acceptance and the promise of eternal love and enlightenment in New Orleans. Confused about who she really is, she hopes that a return to her roots will provide her with some direction and help to ground her again.

But den leader Steve has other plans. When he pays a call on her after a mysterious trip to the Louisiana Bayou, he proposes a destiny far more grand than the simple one she’s come home in search of.

Skyla ultimately must look deep into her soul for answers, and what she finds opens the door to a fate that exceeds her wildest imaginings.

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